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A family story,

The Tauzins *story begins in the year 1900 when the Larquier Family purchased both the farm as well as the surrounding lands in order to grow vegetables that were going to be sold at the neighbouring market.

Joseph Larquier took care of the gardens while his wife Anna opens the bistrot where the locals could find all kinds of needed refreshments on their way to Montfort en chalosse.

At that time all the surrounding villages were gathering in Montfort every Wednesday making the local market a vibrant success. A vast array of local produces such as poultry, eggs, beef, vegetables and fruits were offered to the throngs of clients, the famous fat duck that made the region famous will arrive later on.

On their way back home the clients stopped at "Les Tauzins" bringing their purchases asking Anna and Marie Lecontang her daughter, to prepare and cook it for them.

That is how the Tauzins story actually begun.!

Chez Marie was renowned not only for the quality of the meals that were served, but equally for the quality of the service provided at any moment of the day!

The auberge because of its excellent reputation grew larger. Rooms were added , the panorama dinning room enlarged, all these additions were done while René Lecontang, faithful to the traditions, was taking care of its large and generous gardens as well as the kitchen.

Nowadays, René and Rose- Marie's daughters Sophie works in the kitchen following her father's tracks while Françoise is overseen the dinning-room charm and service.

They are supported in their numerous tasks by Sophie husband Jean-Michel.

This is how the fourth generations of Tauzins is carrying the flag making sure that the tradition built with passion over 117 years ago will continue and prevail!