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Aux Tauzins, between Dax and Mont de Marsan, this gastronomic restaurant privileged with fresh from the locality "Landais" and fish from the Atlantic.
The shadowed terrace, panoramic dining, air-conditioned hotel ***, logis de France, with swimming pool will welcome you warmly to Montfort en Chalosse.
Established four generations ago they will let you discover and enjoy the culinary traditions and festivities from the campaign : the Chalosse region.
The Chalosse, lying against the feet of the Pyrenees, the "hills" of the Chalosse have an air of mountrains before becoming the flat horizons of the Landes. In this warm country, with farms constructed out of concrete bricks, solid and opulent, stand out of their surroundings and have near them their pond where the herd of ducks reside that will eventually give the precious "foie-gras". An well reputed stage in the centre of the Chalosse. Montfort-en-Chalosse is a small village, that still has the charm of stone traditional housings and their gardens, I would say a pearl on the gorge of the sky. I would say a rose of the Chalosse as seen from above by the clouds and the birds.
Montfort... it's my village... ours... if you come by and if you stay... a bit... or longer... you would love it... You would be loved by it !
Marcel St Martin